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IPGP Research Collection

The Research Data Repository of the Institut de physique du globe de Paris

Welcome to IPGP Research Collection, a repository for sharing and preserving research data and documents produced, collected and curated at the Institut de physique du globe de Paris (IPGP).

IPGP Research Collection is based on the Dataverse open-source software and maintained by the IPGP Data Center.

The publication of data on the IPGP Research Collection repository as well as on the Sandbox repository is only open to IPGP members and associated researchers. Please note that the Research Collection Sandbox is not meant to be a permanent repository, and any upload will be removed regularly.

Please refer to the Legal Notices for the IPGP Research Collection main repository and the sandbox for a full description of the terms of service.

Explore our guides section to access resources on FAIR data and on how to get started with the platform. Feel free to contact the IPGP Data Center staff at for any question.